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Cafe Boulud - Hotel Restaurants in NYC


Dining in New York presents some of the best choices available, and many of the hottest tables are in hotels.


Café Boulud is found at The Surrey, a quaint bistro worth taking in where diners can expect a little of everything.

Where: 20 E. 76th St., 212-772-2600


Clement at The Peninsula offers delectable cuisine and a year-round roof deck and bar.

Where: 700 Fifth Ave., 212-956-2888


The Fourth at the Hyatt Union Square is an American Brasserie well worth the trip.

Where: 132 Fourth Ave., 212-432-1324


Nomad at The Nomad is well known with anyone who follows the NYC food scene

Where: 1170 Broadway, 212-796-1500 


Narcissa at the Standard East offers plenty of variety to please most diners

Where: 21 Cooper Square, 212-228-3344

Eye on NYC

New York times square

Explore the city through these video guides for fresh insight on where to go and what to do when visiting New York!

The Insider’s Guide to New York City Travel

New York City is one of the few cities in America that needs no introduction. This is because its people and fast-paced lifestyle has been embedded in our minds through countless film and television shows. You are probably most familiar with the city’s classic tourist attractions, including Times Square, Fifth Avenue, and the Rockefeller Center.

Top of the Rock Observation Deck at Rockefeller Center

Top of the Rock Observation Deck at Rockefeller Center

However, there are many other parts of New York that you may not be familiar with. These are the parts that have been suggested by recent studies to give New Yorker’s the opportunity to live longer and more fulfilling lives. One such place is Manhattan’s West Side, and if you are not familiar with this NYC gem, the High Line elevated railway will be your best introduction to it.

High Line NYC

High Line NYC

Your walk will begin at 34th Street and finalize at the quintessential Meatpacking District. Along the way you will be treated to an assortment of classic New York cuisine and views of West Manhattan. It is highly recommended to explore a few of Manhattan’s other well-known neighborhoods, including Chelsea, where you will be entertained with a wide variety of galleries and shops.

Meat Packing District NY

Meat Packing District NY

We’re not going to leave out the East side of NYC, as it offers its own untapped views and experiences. Begin the afternoon with a taxi drive across the Brooklyn Bridge, and then have lunch at the local favorite, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. As it gets closer to 5 o’clock, we recommend a few cocktails at the River Cafe, which offers some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline. Just remember to dress for success, as all gentlemen are required to wear jackets in both the main dining room and bar.

View from River Cafe

View from River Cafe

Sights and Sounds of NYC



If there’s one city that has visitors lots to offer, its New York. With more options to see and do than just about anywhere, we’ve put together several of the most popular and some of our must do items while visiting.

From parks and gardens to galleries and more, this is a small collection of suggestions to get you started, with more being added to this site all the time.



Empire State Building

Try visualizing NY City’s skyline with no imposing spire of the Empire State Building. Seems impossible, right? Taking only 11 months to assemble, the 1,454-foot-tall emblem became the city’s highest creating upon completion in 1931. (When One World Trade Center is completed, it may stand taller than the ESB with a good 300 feet.) Throughout your visit, spend particular focus to the foyer, restored in 2009 to its first Art-Deco design. You can also impress your buddies with these titbits while queuing for the observation decks: In 1945, 14 tenants were murdered when an airplane crashed into the 79th floor all through heavy fog; a terrace on the 103rd degree was once meant for use as a docking station for airships; along with the topper’s three tiers of lamps may illuminate up to nine colors at a period. 350 Fifth Ave between 33rd and 34th Sts (212-736-3100) or visit for more info

The Statue of Liberty
Perhaps no other NYC draw is as iconic as Lady Liberty. The landmark was closed-in the autumn to be able to repair damage sustained throughout Typhoon Sandy, but happily, it’s going to re-open to the public on July 4. (Hor apropos.) Our suggestion: Dodge the foam-summit-sporting masses and bypass the point for the ferryboat by reserve a combination cruise- in addition to -excursion admission (visit for more advice). A rise to the crown affords a bird’s eye view of the chance and New York Have to observe the literal nuts-and-bolts of Frederic Auguste Bartholdi’s development. We additionally recommend discontinuing in the memorial on Liberty Island, if only to wonder at the initial ambivalence of 19th-century New Yorkers when they were asked to finance the building of the stand. Ferries leave from Fortress Clinton, Battery Pl at Express St

Central Park
Urban visionaries Ernest Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux sought a beneficial balance of panoramic components: pastoral (the open yard of the Lamb Meadow), formal (the linear, shrub-lined Mall) and charming (the densely wooded paths of the Ramble). Nowadays, the 843-acre plot draws bird watchers in spring and fall, and numerous guests to its skyscraper-outlined views in all-seasons: picnickers and sun-bathers in summer, ice-skaters in wintertime. It’s additionally a perfect site for treasured cultural events like Shakespeare in the Park and the New York Philharmonic’s yearly open air efficiency. From 59th St to 110th Street and Fifth Ave to Central Park West

American Museum of Natural History
No matter what wing you roam through or where your interests rest (dinos, stone or another thing completely), it is hard to research this Top West Side fixture without being awestruck. You’ll immediately see the rotunda’s hulking Barosaurus bones reproduction, but diving further into the museum’s group, you will find real examples, for example Deinonychus, in the fourth-floor fossil places. Visit tradition halls and the individual sources to learn more about our major history, or gawk in the famous 94-foot-long blue whale model in the Milstein Hall of Sea Life, when you fatigue of dinos. Key Park West at 79th St

New York Historical Society
Rather of the niche perspective on New York’s past that a few of our favourite drawing card offer, this institution offers a comprehensive look at the Ny City of yesteryear. Exhibits here are wide-ranging, addressing all aspects of town lifestyle; previously year only, shows have been staged by the society on Nyc’s former ale-making prowess, the smallpox vaccination’s effect on Keith Haring’s Take Shop and the city. And the museum’s long-term holdings–many that are on see in the open-storage galleries on its next floor–offer a glance in to quotidian city dwelling, with things such as vintage playthings, clothing and furniture on display. An enormous reconstruction, completed in 2011, created displays interactive and more powerful, supporting guests gain a clearer, more profound understanding of the city. 170 Central Park West between 77th St and 76th

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Frank Lloyd Wright’s cement edifice became the dwelling of the eponymous philanthropist’s collection in 1959; nowadays, the iconic spiral is considered as much a work art as the paintings it homes. In addition to items by masters like Manet, Picasso and Chagall, the association retains the most Kandinskys in the United States of America, as properly as 1 of the largest collections of Mapplethorpes on earth. And yes, there’s a proper manner to see the exhibits: as Wright thought, moseying near to the best and starting at the bottom. 1071 Fifth Ave at 89th St

New York Botanical Garden
Every town park offers its model of green escapism, however, this lush area goes beyond designed flowers. In addition to housing swaths of plant life–including the 50-acre woods, featuring some of the earliest trees in the city–the garden cultivates a rotating roll of shows that nod to the world’s most valued green areas, like the royal property of Spain’s Alhambra structure and Monet’s al fresco refuge at Giverny. Bronx River Pkwy at Fordham Road, Bronx

The High Line
There Is something distinctively Ny about this aerie. Built on an abandoned train track, the area is ingenious in its usage of reclaimed commercial detritus, a necessity in footage-starved Manhattan. But that which we like best is how the path takes you above town while retaining you rooted in urban life: as cabs move along the street beneath you Where else can you walk-through a field of wild flowers or sprawl on a lush yard? The next and closing section, the High Line at the Rail Yards, is scheduled to debut in 2014, completing one of the city’s most popular sites (with over 3.7 million guests in 2011). From Washington Street at Gansevoort St to Tenth Ave at 30th St

Times Square
Manhattan’s heart was once a centre for vice, teeming with drug dealers and sex shops. Through period that infamous standing has eroded, and now the place may sense like a visitor-blocked shopping center. Still, transforms for example the stairway above the TKTS booth along with a people plaza along Broadway have improved the sight seeing experience…sort of. If the thought of attending the annual glitzy Fresh Year’s Eve celebration gives you hives, you’re able to observe the mid-night count down re-created on an inferior level at the Times Square Customer Heart, thanks to 1 of the Waterford very balls utilized in years past. Broadway between 47th and 42nd Sts

Eliminating Meadows-Corona Park
Offer the city’s 2nd-biggest park an evening and it’ll show you the planet: Its many enduring icon is the Unisphere, the mammoth steel earth designed for the 1964 World’s Reasonable. But there is additionally first-rate culture and sports at the New York Hall of Science, Arthur Ashe Stadium and Citi Field (depending on how a Mets are performing). The moving green areas also include a $66 thousand aquatic, a boating pond, a skatepark, a grill place, playfields, as well as a zoo and hockey centre. In 2011, wetland crops such as for example swamp azalea and swamp milkweed were put into better handle the park’s water runoff, improving the capture-and-launch sportfishing in Meadow Pond. From 111th Street to Van Wyck Expwy and Eliminating Fresh to Long Island Expwy, Eliminating, Queens

Brooklyn Heights Promenade
If you are seeking to adore New York City again (or for the very first time), there aren’t many views more breathtaking than that one. It’s simple to overlook that you’re standing atop the hectic Brooklyn-Queens Expressway while strolling along this esplanade, which opened in 1950. But the thoroughfare is inextricably linked to the Promenade’s existence: Neighborhood resistance to the BQE–which was originally meant to cut through Brooklyn Heights–led town planner John Moses to reroute the main road along the waterside. He additionally proposed creating a park atop the road to block sound.. Wander, run or make out along its -mile length, stopping to appreciate postcard-ready opinions of lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty; afterward take a look at some of the 19th century line homes down Brooklyn Heights’ sapling-lined aspect streets, or head-down to Brooklyn Link Playground. Columbia Levels between Middagh and Montague Sts, Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Those hunting for a little peace quiet might excel to invest a number of hours as of this verdant retreat. The garden–which abuts two other locality stone: Possibility Park and the Brooklyn Museum –was founded in 1910 and features thousands of kinds of flora, organized more than 52 acres. Each spring, crowds descend on the area for the Sakura Matsuri Event, during which many trees blossom along the Cherry Esplanade. But similarly notable are serene areas like the Japanese Hill-and-Lake Backyard, the very first Japanese-inspired garden shown in the US, as well as the Shakespeare Backyard, filled with plants (for example primrose and crocuses) mentioned in the Bard’s operates. Start your journey at the Visitor’s Center, an ecofriendly portal (it has a green roofing filled with 45,000 crops) that opened in-May. 990 Wa Ave at President Street, Overhead Heights, Brooklyn

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Straggly doesn’t also begin to describe this Manhattan association: It’s one of the few places in the city where you can invest actually a whole day and observe only a fraction of the properties. Behind the doors of its iconic neo-classical act lie 1-7 curatorial sets spanning multitudinous eras and ethnic perspectives, from prehistoric Egyptian items to contemporary pictures. These seeking to fill their anthropological fascination may investigate the extensive montage of armour, weapons and music devices or the Costume Institute’s generations of wearable art. And for committed museumgoers who’ve made their manner through the long-lasting sets–an admirable accomplishment– return trips are merited by unique exhibits year in, year out. Recent blockbusters featured the works of Pablo Picasso and have examined the career of the late designer Alexander McQueen. 1000 Fifth Ave at 82nd St

Rockefeller Center
You Will locate tons of legendary Ny sites in this multiblock complicated: The ground level alone is residence to the tourist-packaged ice-skating rink, the bronze Atlas statue and the To-Day show plaza. Higher up, Best of the Rock opponents the Kingdom State Building in panoramic city sights. You might maybe not have the ability to access the five private roof-top landscapes if you’re perhaps not a Sunday Night Live cast member, however you can nonetheless glance at the spaces from Saks Fifth Avenue’s eighth-ground shoe section if you’re interested. Special certificate aren’t needed, yet, to scrutinize the-Art Deco drawings that can be found in several buildings. Don’t miss out the triptych over the outside entry to 5 Rockefeller Middle or the rinkside Prometheus sculpture; both purportedly contain secret Freemason emblems. 48th to 51st Sts between Sixth and Fifth Aves Learn more

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

The largest campus of its kind anywhere, the Lincoln Center is home to a staggering array of theater, music, dance and film. For those with an interest or passion for the arts, this is one of those places you don’t want to miss.  10 Lincoln Center Plaza between 62nd and 65th Sts

Secrets of New York’s Plaza Hotel



Arguably one of the most extravagant hotels, New York’s Plaza Hotel was built at the turn of the last century to resemble a French chateau. Back then, it cost a tidy sum – about $12 million. Keep in mind this was around 1907, so you might add a couple zeroes for comparisons sake of something similar today. The 19-story masterpiece has had several owners since then, including Conrad Hilton and Donald Trump.

When The Plaza first opened, it offered luxury hotel rooms for just $2.50 a night

The Plaza was one of the first pet-friendly hotels around. Back in 1908, Princess Elisabeth Vilma Lwoff-Parlaghy of Russia checked in with her dogs, cats, owl, guinea pig, 2 alligators, small bear, and entourage of 12 servants. She had hoped to stay at the Waldorf Astoria, but they couldn’t accommodate her guests as well, but The Plaza welcomed her and she occupied 14 rooms for 5 years.

The Plaza has served as a playground for the rich and famous for almost as long as it’s existed. Alfred G. Vanderbilt was the first to sign the register, and its been the setting for The Great Gatsby and other movies like North by Northwest, The Way We Were, Home Alone 2, and American Hustle. The guests have ranged from The Beatles to Maharaja of Jaipur, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, along with practically anyone that might be regarded wealthy or a celebrity. It’s design is simply one of a kind, so much so that architect Frank Lloyd Wright thought enough of it and stayed in a suite for 6 years.

The Royal Plaza Suite is possibly the most luxurious hotel retreat in all of the hotel, with it’s three bedrooms, three bathrooms, library, piano, dining room, state-of-the-art kitchen and sweeping views of 5th Avenue. But if you think that’s all $30,000 a night will get you, you’d be mistaken.  For inside the salon (master bathroom) there is a secret panel that opens as an exit door for guests that need to make a quick or discreet escape.

The Plaza has been host to many balls, weddings and the like, but possibly the most notable occasion might be Truman Capote’s renowned Black and White Ball on November 28, 1966 to celebrate the publication of Capote’s masterwork In Cold Blood.

Should you ever find yourself staying at The Plaza, be sure to book a room no higher than the 5th floor, where the rooms are the most luxurious.

What Makes Manhattan a Revered Metropolis?


Director and screenwriter Milos Forman once said, “I get out of the taxi and it’s probably the only city which in reality looks better than on the postcards…New York.”

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New York Hotel Views

The stunning Manhattan skyline view from your room

With some of the most amazing skyline to be found, its no wonder New York hotel rooms are sought after for the view they might offer.

Mandarin Oriental - New York - 35th floor and up

Mandarin Oriental – New York – 35th floor and up

Soak up the skyline, from your tub, with amazing views from Hotel on Rivington

The Standard NY hotel room view

The Standard NY hotel room view

The Standard offers a sweeping view of the city that includes the Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building.


New York Rooftop Bars

What better way to take in the city at night than having a drink (or two) from atop one of the cities many fine rooftop bars. Taking refuge in an urban oasis with the city as your backdrop can create the aura for a perfect evening.

roof top bar NYC - Ides at Wythe hotel

Ides at Wythe Hotel

One of the best ways to take in Manhattan scenery, the Ides at the Wythe Hotel offers an incredible view of the Empire State Building.


roof top bar NYC - W hotel

W New York Hotel rooftop bar

The W Hotel has been known for amazing accommodations, and lounges, so it’s not surprise their rooftop bar makes the list.

roof top bar NYC - A60 Thompson hotel

roof top bar NYC – A60 Thompson hotel

Popular with celebrities like George Clooney and more, the A60 in Soho is a members only rooftop bar with hotel Sixty Thompson, but guests at the hotel automatically become temporary members to one of the hottest bars in NY.

roof top bar NYC - Kimberley hotel

Kimberley hotel roof top bar

Part of the charm to the rooftop bar at the Kimberley hotel is its old school contemporary design and decor that works so well. With a 360 degree view and retractable roof, the only thing that might prevent you from taking it all in would be if the weather was too cold.


The Best Brunch in New York City

NYC brunch

NYC brunch

A quiet brunch in the city’s center is a wonderful way to enjoy the iconic flavors of the city as well as the laid back pace of weekend life in the city. Enjoy some of the finest brunch offerings in the city from those who have provided excellent mid-morning meals for years or perhaps try the offerings of a few notable restaurants branching out into the fun of brunch in the city.


Not quite two years old, this up and coming East Village pizza parlor has recently started serving a hearty brunch. Sara Jenkins, owner of Porsena, includes a variety of Mediterranean specialties with dinner including a seared pork chop with polenta or perhaps a more comfortable favorite like French toast with Nutella.  Brunch is served from 11 to 4 on Saturday and Sunday. 21 E 7th Street

Nobu Next Door

After fifteen years of delicious dinner experiences in TriBeCa, Drew Nieporent has opened his doors for brunch.  Enjoy a fusion of Japanese with American classics including blueberry and yuzu soba pancakes or perhaps lobster with soba and poached eggs. More traditional sushi dishes and seafood fare are also available on the brunch menu as well. 105 Hudson St.

River Styx

With an industrial edge, the new Greenpoint restaurant by Dennis Spina offers fair that is fanciful and fun, but always delicious. Brunch offerings include Roman egg drop soup, fried eggs with corn and tomato or perhaps the signature nachos, which can easily feed a few individuals at your table.  21 Greenpoint Ave.

ABC Cocina

Enjoy a spicier brunch with the Mexican flavors of ABC Cocina. The brunch menu includes traditional Mexican breakfast favorites like huevos rancheros or perhaps try something more delightful like coconut pancakes. The menu veers away from traditional breakfast favorites, however, with spicy vegetable plates, seafood offerings and fried treats as well. 38 E 19th St.


If you’re looking for a lunch with a dash of extra zeal, try Laura Maniec’s wine bar specialties. Food items on the menu include specialties like short rib hash, braised lamb and lobster salad. To add flare to the feast, all bottles of champagne are half off during brunch and a carefully selected wine list for each entrée are priced comfortably at $40 per bottle as well. 13 E 13th St.

Fine Dining in New York City

NYC dining guide

New York is world renown for many things, but chief among the high points of the city are the many fine dining experiences. From celebrity restaurants to chic eateries, there are countless ways to enjoy a delicious meal in style in this city, and the restaurant choices are often just as varied as their locations throughout town.

Benjamin Steakhouse - NYC

Benjamin Steakhouse – NYC

Benjamin Steakhouse

For the best cuts of steak in the city, Benjamin Steakhouse deserves its fine reputation. Only USDA prime beef is served in the steakhouse and it is prepared in six cuts to suit every palate.  The ambiance of the steakhouse certainly adds to the experiences with brass chandeliers, warm wood tones and a vaulted ceiling. Enjoy sitting near the enormous fireplace while gazing out the oversized windows at Grand Central Station.

Aureole - NYC

Aureole – NYC


Decadent American food is the course de rigueur at Aureole, and the experience is truly farm to table with only especially selected ingredients used for building dishes suitable for pre or post theatre dinners as well as lunch. Aureole is located in the Bank of America Tower, known for its eco-friendly features, and inside you will find beautiful presentation of food and décor as well as an expansive wine cellar.

River Park - NYC

River Park – NYC


Overlooking the East River, Riverpark is an exciting culinary creation in the heart of Manhattan’s Kips Bay neighborhood. Created by impressive restaurateur Tom Colicchio, it is Chef Sisha Ortúzar who brings the flavors of the modern American selections to life. Enjoy your meal on the garden plaza and the mood of the river as well as the flavor of the dynamic in this one-of-a-kind eatery.

Bouley - NYC

Bouley – NYC


The flagship of well-respected restaurateur  David Bouley, Bouley is located in TriBeCa and focuses on creating a French culinary experience that is both whimsical and pure artistry. Only the purest products are used in the creation of bouches, soufflés and other house specialties in this large eatery. Enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of the restaurant as you enjoy an excellent dining experience.

Craft - NYC

Craft – NYC


When only American comfort food will do, Craft is the New York eatery that can provide this in style. Craft blends the cozy deliciousness of home style favorites with the gourmet preparation and design of high cuisine. With an eye on quality of ingredients, the menu at Craft even lists the farms where certain dishes originated.

Never completely satisfied, the menu is always evolving for the seasons, for the mood of the chef and for the flavor of the city itself. Not sure where to begin? Try the tasting menu to sample full six-courses of delicious wonder.